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Ecola 3000 Ecola 2000
Ecola 2000

  The EcoLa 3000 uses front and rear double-walls which allows heated air flow between the walls to conserve heat. Automatic air curtain design, when the access panel is opened, heated air flow is accelerated to prevent heat loss.

  Trend for 2, 4, 8, 12, 24 hours and up to 7 days for air and skin temperature, humidity, oxygen and weight.

  The EcoLa 3000 can be operated from both sides of the cabinet. Special design allows closer and comfortable position to reach the newborn.


  Big storage cabinet and two size of drawers available. Special latch and catch makes the drawer open and close smoothly.

  8.4" LCD display relevant information can be observed easily.

  One liter water reservoir enables the EcoLa 3000 to keep running for 24 hours with 85% humidity.


  Ventilator pendant provides better workflow.

  The EcoLa 3000's cabinet is easy to remove and install. Special design makes every corner of the cabinet could be cleaned and sterilized completely.

  All the operation can be completed at front side and don't need to move to other side.

  Dual-CPU design to avoid single failure. Distinguish data collection and control from two CPU to make the EcoLa 3000 more reliable.

  PPSU material is applied on water reservoir, so the water reservoir is able to be sterilized on 134℃ high temperature.

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